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Our rich history of successful experiences has earned us honor and reputation in both domestic and international markets.

With attentive service and excellent quality, we have successfully provided mature compressor products to numerous domestic and international enterprises.


The piston force of the diaphragm compressor is up to 250KN, and the motor power is up to 355kW

The piston force of the compressor is up to 800KN, and the motor power is up to 5600kW

The piston force of the high-speed rotary compressor is up to 100KN, and the rotary speed is up to 1500RPM

We have won various honors and a good reputation on the domestic and overseas market relying on extensive successful experience

Continued Research and Development, Constant Improvement - A Brand Trusted by Customers.

Four reasons to choose us


Strict Quality Control

A complete set of solutions for air compressor equipment

One-stop services

A technical team with more than 30 years’ experience

Safe and steady operation experience on more than 1500 sets of compressors

Comprehensive services for performance assurance

Experienced engineers for fast response and convenient service

We have been granted the ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO45001 system certification as well as the GC-mark certification. Each process compressor strictly follows the quality standard. The quality control is performed by professional QC specialists, testing equipment and production process, thus ensuring each compressor meets the standard requirement and fulfill the demand of customers.

We have more than 30 product series such as piston compressors and diaphragm compressors. We provide high cost-effective, safe, and reliable portfolios for process air compression industry.

The technical team has more than 30 years’ experience in the design and development of process compressors. By integrating design means  such as finite element analysis, pulsation analysis, and digital simulation design, we aim to create safer compressors with steadier performance. Our investment in research and development (R&D) is staggering and are the owner of multiple patents in the segment of process compressors.  We also pay attention to university-enterprise cooperation to support upgrading of products.

We have an independent O&M team, which provides complete services in technical supports, commissioning, supply of spare parts, upgrading, major maintenance. 7x24 all-weather service to ensure safe and reliable operation of compressors

Widely recognized by enterprises at home and abroad

Provide exquisite products for the market- grow with customers

Strive to provide one-stop diversified service solutions for customers through constant innovation and development

Provide a complete set of air compression solutions for various industries

Petrochemical industry
Silicon (polycrystalline silicon, organic silicon)
Fluorine Chemical
Hydrogen Energy
Metallurgical industry
Pharmaceutical, Aerospace, Nuclear power

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FENDY Jinkaiwei (Suzhou) Compressor Co., Ltd. is located in the High-Tech Industry Development zone, Changshu City. We have more than 30 series products such as piston compressors, and diaphragm compressors. Applied in segments such as hydrogen energy, photovoltaic and semiconductor (polycrystalline silicon, organic silicon), fluorine chemical industry, nuclear power, military industry, petrochemical, etc. We unremittingly explore the segments of air compression and serve more than 3000 industrial enterprises. Our products cover the entire hydrogen industry chain, including hydrogen production, hydrogen filling, and hydrogen refueling station compressor. Customers are provided with a complete set of solutions for air compressors. We are a leading enterprise in the intelligent manufacturing and comprehensive services of piston compressors and diaphragm compressors in China.

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Fluorine Chemical

Hydrogen Energy


Medicine, Aerospace, Nuclear Power

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